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Help get rid of the spiral cycle: Money supply – Inflation – Recession


Written by Nguyen Cao Dung

Copyright reserved. Please quote the source and author’s name.



Address the problem of inflation by putting money into circulation directly through commercial enterprises in order to always  respect the principle of: “Money is only put into circulation when the society has acquired materials and goods as control objects to ensure value for money; And when such materials and goods are no longer available, they are sold for consumption, the money from the circulation must be recovered. “

So we will always have a balance in value between Goods and Money in a dynamically growing economy, and inflation will be automatically suppressed. We will get out of the spiral cycle: money supply – inflation – recession. The value of the national currency will always be solid and stable.

This solution will help countries suffering from high inflation such as Venezuela, Zimbabwe, … control the balance of value of goods and money in the market economy of their country, from which will control and gradually will eliminate inflation.

This solution can also help countries want to convert the economy from a centrally planned economy (such as Cuba, North Korea, …) to a market economy safely, effectively, and avoid causing major shocks (due to rising prices) in the economy, because of the control the balance of value of goods and money in the economy of their country.

This solution will help countries in the world to perfect the market economy, helping countries get rid of the spiral cycle: money supply-inflation-degradation. The market economy of the countries will grow as fast as it can without suffering inflation or deflation dragging it back anymore.




.Instead of the introduction: Paper money under general merchandise standard and inconvertible paper money

Chapter 1: The cause of inflation

1.1. Paper money is only a special type of coupon

1.2. Why there is inflation

Chapter 2: The solution to the problem of inflation

2.1. The initial viewpoints

2.2. Plan a: putting money into circulation rely on commercial enterprises

2.3. Building the banking system model for management and control of putting money into circulation under plan A

2.4. The new solution for inflation status

Chapter 3: Conclusion


The feasibility of the solution – the feasibility of 3-level banking system model

Paul Samuelson’s inflation control measures are just the situational measures

Causes and solutions to inflation to save the market economy

The coupon is the original form of the banknote

Why paper money does not need real value

Storage function of paper money

The difference between paper money and other types of money

To deal with inflation, what consumers should do to reduce inflation

Positively depositing savings into banks contributes to limiting inflation

Increase salary may lead to increase inflation ?

The currency of any country can become a strong foreign currency

The source of money for investment, spending and circulation of money in society

Output products for farm economy


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